WildRiver Family Medicine

A short video describing WildRiver Family Medicine - a Direct Primary Care (DPC) in Loveland, CO.


Direct Primary Care

WildRiver Family Medicine is a direct primary care family practice serving Loveland, Colorado and the surrounding area.  It is a member based Direct Primary Care practice.  This means your low monthly member fee gets you monthly access to your family medicine practitioner with unrestricted office sick visits, yearly exam, labs and basic office procedures.  Medications dispensed from the office can be obtained at or near cost.  There are no co-pays for office visits, no waiting in a crowded reception room, and access to your provider after hours with text, email, Skype/Face-time as well as optional home visits and afters hours office visits for a small fee!

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Why Direct Primary Care?

After practicing medicine for over 8 years in the traditional insurance based model, we have finally decided to do our part in solving our community’s health care crisis. The answer is DPC! When other entities are removed from the financial and therapeutic relationship between patient and their primary care providers! The relationship becomes “direct”, and when that happens it frees providers up to help their patients the way they want! It also allows for price transparency so that you, as a patient are never hit with an astronomical bill you had no idea was coming! At WildRiver, you will get quality, accessible, affordable primary care with no hidden fees, or surprises!

OK?  So What IS Direct Primary Care, and why should I join?

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