Why charge a membership fee?

Think of it as simple monthly fee for all of your primary care needs and access to your primary care provider.  Similar to a gym membership, a direct primary care membership helps patients to budget out their monthly health costs.  Our membership fee comes out to cost you $1.80 a day for your primary care. 

I have 'good' insurance. Why should I join?

Consider this.  You have homeowners insurance when you own a house.  You basically have to pay this to get a mortgage and it is designed to protect you from the worst things that can happen to your house i.e. fire, flood.  But when your kid breaks a window, or draws on the wall, you don't get the insurance involved.  Similarly, primary care is taking care of the broken windows and toddler cave drawings of your body - the maintenance issues.  We should not have to rely on the big insurance companies to decide the terms of how we deal with those simple body maintenance and preventative issues.  Instead, let me take care of those things with you and at the end of the day, you'll know exactly how much you have spent on it! - Have you ever really looked at a hospital bill?  Don't!

Is this health insurance?

No.  Nor does this take the place of health insurance should you become severely ill or injured.  However, it is guaranteed access for primary care for a low monthly cost.  We do recommend our members to keep an insurance plan or join a health share plan for catastrophes.  

Do I have to join, or can I be seen without becoming a member?

We do require you to join as a member to receive our services.  Feel free to call or stop by before joining and ask any questions you like!  We would love to show you around before making such an important decision!

Are there any contracts or commitments?

There is no time commitment to becoming a member.  There is a one time enrollment fee of 95 dollars and then your monthly fee is charged at the end of each month.  We ask for a 30 day notice if you decide to leave the practice. 

Can I rejoin if I leave?

Yes!  We do require a re-enrollment fee of 120 dollars prior to re starting the use of services!

Does WildRiver accept patients with prior conditions?

Absolutely!  We are here to take care of your primary care needs.  If your medical history is extensive or beyond our scope we will work on a plan to make sure your health needs are met!

Why should I still have Insurance?

A D.PC. is great for your primary care needs, however, family medicine has limitations.  Should you need hospitalization for a significant injury or illness, we recommend keeping some type of catastrophic insurance or joining a health share ministry plan.  We don't do open heart surgery in the office!

What is a Health Share Ministry?

A Health Share Ministry is a group of like minded individuals who share common ethics and values who have come together to pool money in the case that one of the members becomes sick,  injured or has a large medical bill.  Some have some strict guidelines to joining and others do not.  They can be a wonderful, cost effective alternative to having to pay for a high deductible insurance plan through the ACA.  A few of the more popular plan websites are listed below:

  1. Liberty Healthshare - www.libertyhealthshare.org

  2. Altrua - https://altruahealthshare.org

  3. Samaritan- https://samaritanministries.org

  4. Medi-Share - www.mychristiancare.org

Check out https://www.policygenius.com/blog/aca-health-insurance-plans-healthcare-sharing-ministries/  for some really great information.  

Does joining a D.P.C. exempt me from the "health insurance tax?"

Joining a D.P.C. by itself does not currently exempt you from the "health insurance tax".  However joining a health share ministry can and coupling a health share plan with a D.P.C. membership at WildRiver is a very affordable way to meet all of your healthcare needs.  Ask your accountant for more details regarding these questions.

Can I join if I have Medicaid? Medicare?

Unfortunately, at this time, Colorado law does not allow Medicaid recipients to contract with a Direct Primary Care provider.  Also, at this time we are not able to see Medicare patients either.  We may be able to see patients with Medicare in the future!

Can I use my HSA to pay for my monthly fee?

Ask your accountant! 

Do I pay extra for a joint injection,   EKG, or Labs...etc...?

Your monthly membership fee covers most office procedures including joint injection, simple mole removal, wart removal, suturing of simple lacerations, EKG, and yearly basic labs.  This is not an extensive list and as we grow we will make sure you know what is covered and what is extra!  

What about medications?

We plan on carrying and dispensing the most commonly used medications right in the office.  This will save you tons of cash!  If we do not have the medication you need, we will work to get you the best price on that medication through partnerships with local pharmacies, mail order services or any other way we can figure it out!

It's Saturday at 9pm and I just cut my hand making a snack?

Call me right away!  Unless I have made it clear I will be out of town beforehand, I will meet you at the office or at your house (for 50 bucks) and sew up simple lacerations.  Don't go to an urgent care or the emergency department and risk paying hundreds of dollars for something you've already paid for this month!

I got a rash after working in the garden and it's Sunday?

Do you have face-time?  Or Skype?  Or can you send me a text with a picture?  Let's chat over one of these marvelous pieces of technology we have available to us and I'll do whatever I can as long as it is safe! 

Your'e a PA.  What if I need a doc?

Ah.  Great Question!  I am a certified physician assistant, licensed to practice medicine in the state of Colorado.  However, I recognize that I have limitations in experience and knowledge.  Many primary, urgent and emergent problems have come up while working during my 8 year career.  I have seen a lot and feel comfortable with just about any family medicine situation.  However, like all medical providers, including MDs and DOs, I would not hesitate to seek consultation with a specialist or my state required supervising physician.  In rare cases I will be able to have you meet with the physician if need be. 

I'm having crushing chest pain and am really scared.

Call 911!  As much as I'd love to care for you, I can only provide primary care services.  I can't take the place of the emergency department or even an urgent care in some cases.